Zhou Mu Nan Works

Shao Nian Ge Xing
The first novel of the series, a wuxia story about youths travelling in the martial world for the first time.

Shao Nian Bai Ma Zui Chun Feng
A prequel novel centered around Baili Dongjun and the older generation of the martial world.

Jun You Yun
The author's third novel, not directly connected to the Shao Nian series but also belongs to the same universe.

An He Zhuan
Another prequel novel centered around the assassins of the Hidden River but set after Shao Bai.

Jian Yu Hua Yu Jian
The author's latest novel. Started in Aug 2022.

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Jun You Yun (A Gentleman Says)
Official title: Word of Honor
Status: Completed in Dec 2020
Length: 744 thousand words (355 chapters + extras)
Published by 不可能的世界
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(Note: the story in this novel is not connected to the Shao Nian series but is set in the same universe a few hundred years before Shao Nian.)Ten miles out of Langluo, there was an academy governed by Confucian sages, and under them were nine gentlemen and three hundred scholars. It was a place that epitomised literary aura. All disciples of the academy, once appointed a gentleman, will cry out "one sentence" to become his life's maxim and will forever strive towards this maxim. This maxim became known as "Jun You Yun" (A Gentleman Says). Su Baiyi, Feng Zuojun, and Xie Yuling were disciples of the Academy, all working hard to one day become a gentleman…Adaptations
Donghua - Bilibili announced the donghua adaptation in Nov 2021 with CG production by Passion Paint Animation.
Season 1 - 24 episodes
Air date of episode 1: 21 Apr 2022
OP - 君有云 PV
ED - 天际 PV
Promotional Videos
Where to watch:
Bilibili YouTube Channel (members only)
Bilibili International (English subtitles available)

An He Zhuan
(Legend of the Hidden River)
Official title: Tales of Dark River
Status: On hiatus (as of May 2022)
Published by 不可能的世界
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This is also a prequel novel but is set after Shao Nian Bai Ma, approximately 8 years before the start of Shao Nian Ge Xing. As the title suggests, the main characters in the novel are the assassins of Hidden River, but mainly Su Muyu, Su Changhe and new characters. Other familiar characters also make cameo appearances.Summary from Youku:
Hidden River, the most secretive assassin organisation in the martial world. Comprising the three Houses, Su, Xie and Mu, the highest-ranking person in charge was called the Patriarch. The Patriarch was poisoned and his life was on the brink. When the various powers in the three Houses heard of the news, they took the opportunity to organise a rebellion. Su Muyu, leader of the Patriarch's personal guards, the Spider Shadows, brought in Bai Hehuai, the genius doctor from Medicine King Valley to cure the Patriarch. At the same time, he had to repel the killers sent to assassinate the Patriarch and protect him. Meanwhile, his closest friend in the Hidden River, Su Changhe, represented the Su House and joined the operation to assassinate the Patriarch.
Donghua - Youku announced the donghua adaptation in April 2021. CG production by Passion Paint Animation.
Tales of Dark River
Season 1 - 12 episodes.
Air dates: Aug 2 - Oct 11 2023
OP - 暗河 by 郑云龙 - PV
ED - 斑驳江湖 by 曾可妮 - PV
Season 2 - officially announced 9 Oct 2023
Air date: Apr 17 2024
Character Design - released 13 Mar 2022
First Look - released 14 May 2022
YouTube playlist of PVs and trailers
Where to watch:
Youku Animation
Youku Animation on YouTube

Live Action - Youku announced the live action TV adaptation on 20 Sep 2023. Casting has not been announced.

Jian Yu Hua Yu Jian
(Sword and Flower and Sword)
Status: In progress (started in Aug 2022)
Published by 不可能的世界
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Author's summary
Rough translation: You are the flower of chaos, I am the guardian's sword!Adaptations
Donghua - Youku announced the donghua adaptation on 9 Oct 2023.

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